Meritor BullPen

The Meritor BullPen is a convenient web portal designed to provide easy access to Meritor’s product information and training via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. BullPen is where dealers, fleets, service garages, warehouse distributors and general customers will find the correct answers at their fingertips.

Visit the Meritor BullPen for these resources and more:

  • More than 1,000 documents including product presentations, sales literature, product videos and photos, service bulletins and parts books
  • Intuitive user training (web-based and instructor-led)
  • Dealer loyalty incentive programs
  • Easy downloading for Meritor Mobile™
  • Meritor and industry news and events

The Meritor Bullpen provides these excellent driveline training courses online:

  • Driveline Component Identification (DP311)
  • Driveline Products (DP201)
  • Driveline System Operation (DP321)
  • Driveline Preventive Maintenance (DP331)
  • Driveline Diagnostics (DP341)
  • Drivetrain Damage Prevention Video (AP302)
  • Drivetrain Vibration Diagnostics (AP3410)
  • Drivetrain Noise Diagnostics (AP344)
  • Parts Failure Analysis Basics (AA341)

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User Note:
Once you sign in, you will need to go to the “Training” tab at the top of the page and select “Course Search.”
Then go to “Type,” and select “Web-Based,” and move to the Catalog section and select “Driveline Catalog”
then click on “Go.” This will bring up a page with all of the driveline training courses that are offered