MLX Savings Calculator

Find out how much our MXL driveline will save you versus the competition!

MXL Competitive
100,000 50,000 lube interval (miles)
C8 expected length of ownership (years)
C9 miles driven per year
B10 C10 number of lubrications
B12 C12 Lube Cost per interval
B13 C13 Labor Cost per lube interval
B14 C14 Total Cost per interval
B16 C16 cost of lubrication over length of ownership
B18 Savings due to MXL
Linehaul application
600,000 mile first owner life
15-minute lubrication time
$20.00 labor rate at 15 minutes ($80 per hour)
50,000 mile lube interval
Cost of grease = $1.25 per oz.
Grease used per lubrication = 2.25 oz