Meritor® Permalube RPL Series Drivelines First In Permanently Lubricated Technology

Meritor Permalube™ RPL Series drivelines were the first in the North American heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry to be permanently lubricated and sealed for life. Permalube provides significant reductions in operating and maintenance costs, with industry-leading warranties, easy serviceability and extended u-joint life.

From our RPL20 to RPL25 to our High-Torque Rated RPL35 series, Meritor Permalube RPL Series Drivelines deliver unsurpassed performance. The RPL35 Series was designed for demanding applications, such as heavy service, downspeeding, gear-fast/run slow drivetrains and higher torque applications.

All Meritor Permalube RPL Drivelines Advantages:

  • Permanently lubricated and sealed for life
  • Provides up to $600 in lubrication savings*
  • High torque-rated models available
  • 2-Year/Unlimited Mile warranty
  • Ideal for installing on high-milage trucks to keep maintenance costs to a minimum

*Assumes 900,000-mile truck lifecycle and 18 greasing intervals with savings of $33 per interval.


Series U-Joint Rating Tube Size Applicator U-Joint Slip Yoke
RPL35SD Severe Duty 35,000 N•m 5.204″ x .236″ wall Main Driveline CP35RPLS 3XRLS481A1S
RPL35 4.69″ x .230″ wall
RPL25SD Severe Duty 25,000 N•m CP25RPLS 25RLS481A1S
RPL25 4.59″ x .180″ wall Inter-axle Driveline 25RLS489A1S
RPL20 20,000 N•m 4.095″ x .180″ wall Main Driveline CP20RPLS 20RLS402A1S
Inter-axle Driveline 20RLS403A1S

Additional Features and Benefits

  • High-torque-rated models available for demanding applications, including heavy service and downspeeding
  • Four-bolt design for easy installation and service
  • E-coated steel guard secures and protects the slip seal against contaminants and damage
  • Design features for extended u-joint life:
    • Triple lip seals protect against contaminants
    • Nylon thrust washers eliminate metal-to-metal contact, preventing wear
  • Self-aligning center bearing is standard
  • Environmentally “green”, since the need to grease the driveline is completely eliminated
  • Premium support for Permalube solutions

Exceptional Support for Permalube RPL Series Drivelines.

Every RPL Series driveline is covered by Meritor’s total aftermarket support with one-call resolution for complete customer satisfaction at 888-725-9355 in the U.S. and 800-387-3889 in Canada.

The Meritor RPL Series driveline warranty provides 2-Year coverage – twice the industry standard – for defective materials or workmanship when such parts are used on vehicles that meet the specifications approved by Meritor.