Meritor® Aftermarket Replacement Driveline Components

Meritor is the OE driveline and driveline components leader and offers an extensive line of the most popular aftermarket replacement components for heavy-, medium- and light-duty vehicles and applications. Included are Meritor aftermarket center bearings, u-joints, end yokes, tubing, yoke shafts, weld yokes, midship stub shafts, sleeves and more – everything you need for complete driveline repair and replacement.

All Meritor driveline components are qualified to the highest industry standards for quality engineering and durable design. As a result, Meritor aftermarket components deliver long life and lasting value.

Meritor Genuine and Aftermarket Center Bearings

For information about our complete lineup of Meritor center bearings including Meritor self-aligning center bearings and components, see our Center Bearings page.

Popular Aftermarket Replacement U-Joints

Meritor offers a wide range of proven u-joint replacement components, including the most popular replacement components for heavy-, medium- and light-duty applications. Included are replacements for the N1000, 1210, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410, 1480, and the 1550 Series. The Meritor RPL was the first permanently lubricated driveline in North America, while our MXL is the only 100,000-mile lube interval replacement for 10-Series1 drivelines. See the chart below for details.

Driveline Series Cross Length (Inches) Meritor Genuine Standard Greaseable Meritor AllFit Standard Greaseable Spicer® Standard Greaseable1
1210 2.188 GCP443X 5-443X
1310 2.969 CP153X 5-153X
1330 3.371 CP213X 5-213X
1350 3.373 CP178X 5-178X
1410 3.936 CP160X 5-160X
1480 3.875 CP188X 5-188X
1550 4.658 CP155X GCP155X 5-155X
1880 8.094 GCP308X 5-308X
7260 1.078 CP1306X 5-1306X
7290 2.622 CP1309X 5-1309X
1310 (Wheel Joint) 2.969 CP297X 5-297X
1310/1330 2.969/3.373 CP134X 5-134X
1310/3R 2.969/3.372 CP3022X 5-3022X
1330/3R 3.372 GCP212X 5-212X
1415 AAM 4.178 CP34153 N/A
1480 (Wheel Joint) 3.875 CP332X 5-332X
1485 AAM 4.178 CP34863 N/A
1485 AAM (Wheel Joint) 2.92 CP3485 N/A
1555 AAM 4.96 CP45553 N/A
1610 Full Round 4.877 M279X2 CP279X 5-279X
1610 Half Round 4.877 M674X2 CP674X 5-674X
1710 Full Round 5.635 M280X2 CP280X 5-280X
1710 Half Round 5.635 M675X2 CP675X 5-675X
1760 Full Round 6.542 M407X2 CP407X 5-407X
1760 Half Round 6.542 M677X2 CP677X 5-677X
1810 Full Round 7.902 M281X2 CP281X 5-281X
1810 Half Round 7.092 M676X2 CP676X 5-676X
1810/9C 7.092 CP18N96 5-324X
3R 3.311 CP3147X 5-3147X
N1000 2.08 CP170X 5-170X
P55-55-675 Cleveland 3.37 CP1204X 5-1204X
RPL20 Series 5.30 CP20RPLS3 N/A
RPL25 Series 6.63 CP25RPLS3 N/A
SPL170 6.024/6.547 US170X SPL170-4X
SPL250 5.984/6.413 US250X SPL250-3X
SPL90, SPL100 4.566 US90X SPL90X3, SPL100-1X3

1 Spicer and 10-Series are registered trademarks of Dana Corporation
2 Meritor Extended Lube with 100K mile lubrication interval
3 No maintenance, no lube fitting

Meritor Aftermarket 170/250 Series U-Joints

For a wide variety of replacement applications, Meritor aftermarket u-joints provide superior durability which helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Advanced u-joint design features such as an anti-cup retaining system make Meritor your best choice for 170 and 250 style replacement requirements.

Feature and Benefits

  • Anti-spin bearing cup provides precision lock-up of the universal joint
  • Two-piece seal system and dust caps reduce maintenance, while lowering operating costs
  • Increased contact and bearing surface improves load carrying capacity
  • Precision ground journal length, bearing cup and retainer interface ensures zero end-play installation, which reduces driveline vibration
  • Bearing cup retainer design allows for easier installation while reducing labor costs

Popular AllFit U-Joint Hardware Kits

AllFit Part Number Hardware Kit Part Number DL Series*
US170X KIT US250-170X SPL170
US250X KIT US250-170X SPL250

*SPL – Spicer® Life Series driveshafts – is a registered trademark of Dana Corporation.

>Hardware kit is for use with these u-joints only and is not interchangeable with OEM
retention hardware or u-joint.

Key Features of Meritor AllFit U-Joints

  1. Anti-spin bearing cup retaining system
  2. High performance sealing system
  3. Thrust washer with 360° lubrication system
  4. Extra life needle bearings
  5. Extra large lubrication reservoir

Meritor Aftermarket 170/250 Series Replacement

To complement its u-joint offering, Meritor offers a wide range of proven replacement components for the 170/250 series. From end yokes to tubing to yoke shafts and more, the Meritor aftermarket portfolio includes the replacement component options needed to restore full performance for all driveline brands and vehicles.

Meritor Aftermarket End Yokes for 170/250 Series

AllFit Part Number DL Series* Spline/Number of Teeth Hub Diameter Length Through Bore CL to End of Hub Joint Angle
SPL170HR Series A-6.457 B-2.165
170N-4-1271-1 170HR 2.39”/46 2.75” 5.59” 25°
170N-4-201-1X 170HR 2.27”/44 3.00” 2.50” 5.27” 25°
170N-4-241-1X 170HR 2.02”/39 2.62” 2.50” 6.50” 45°
170N-4-261-1X 170HR 2.02”/39 3.00” 2.28” 5.16” 25°
170N-4-281-1X 170HR 2.02”/39 3.00” 2.28” 6.24” 45°
170N-4-521-1X 170HR 2.75”/10 3.75” 3.00” 5.86” 25°
170N-4-561-1 170HR 2.79”/54 2.75” 5.60” 25°
170N-4-671-1X 170HR 2.02”/39 3.00” 2.31” 6.39” 45°
170N-4-721-1X 170HR 2.39”/46 3.25” 2.33” 5.10” 25°
SPL250HR Series A-6.413 B-2.362
250N-4-21-1 250HR 2.39”/46 2.75” 5.75” 25°
250N-4-241-1X 250HR 2.75”/10 3.75” 3.00” 6.30” 25°
250N-4-271-1 250HR 2.79”/54 2.75” 5.70” 25°
250N-4-351-1X 250HR 2.39”/46 3.25” 2.31” 5.31” 25°
250N-4-81-1X 250HR 2.27”/44 3.00” 2.50” 5.49” 25°

*SPL – Spicer® Life Series driveshafts – is a registered trademark of Dana Corporation.

Meritor Aftermarket Weld Yokes for 170/250 Series

Part Number DL Series* Tubing Size (O.D. x Wall Thickness) Butt Diameter Type of Butt CL to Point of Weld Joint Angle
SPL170 Series A-6.027 B-2.165
170N-28-17 SPL170 4.960” x .118” 4.75” HO 3.69” 25°
SPL250 Series A-5.985 B-2.362
250N-28-17 SPL250 5.196” x .236” 4.75” HO 4.10” 25°

*SPL – Spicer® Life Series driveshafts – is a registered trademark of Dana Corporation.

Meritor Aftermarket Midship Stub Shafts for 170/250 Series

Part Number Spline/Number
of Teeth
Diameter and
Wall Thickness
Length of
End of Spline
to Point of
End of Spline
to Bearing
Length of
250N-53-11 2.35”/46 2.362” 5.196” x .236” 4.75” 2.72” 5.31” 1.25-18-M 4.00” 2.88” 0.81”

Flanged nut N20-74-91 included with boxed midship

Meritor Aftermarket Tubing for 170/250 Series

Part Number Outside Diameter Wall Thickness Length
RT-496-118-72 4.96” 0.118” 72”
RT-5197-236-72 5.197” 0.236” 72”

Meritor Aftermarket Sleeves for 170/250 Series

Part Number DL Series* Spline/Number of Teeth End of Spline To Weld Butt Diameter
250N-55-31X SPL170/SPL250 3.858”/38 6.87” 4.748”

*SPL – Spicer® Life Series driveshafts – is a registered trademark of Dana Corporation.

Meritor Aftermarket Yoke Shafts for 170/250 Series

Part Number DL Series* Spline/Number of Teeth Length of Spline End of Spline To Radius CL To End of Tube CL To End Of Spline
170N-82-21X SPL170 3.858”/38 5.69” 7.81” 7.12” 11.81”
250N-82-21X SPL250 3.858”/38 5.69” 7.81” 7.12” 11.81”

*SPL – Spicer® Life Series driveshafts – is a registered trademark of Dana Corporation.

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With a broad range of rated torque capacities, 24-hour delivery, plus attractive pricing, Meritor drivelines and components are exactly what the aftermarket and your trucking operation needs to make repairs fast and maximize your uptime.

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