Meritor® Center Bearings

Meritor is the OE driveline and driveline components leader. Meritor offers an extensive line of Meritor Genuine and AllFit aftermarket replacement center bearings for heavy-, medium- and light-duty applications. Our complete center bearing portfolio allows you to choose the product that is the best match for your operation.

Meritor Center Bearing Replacement Parts Numbers
Driveline Series Meritor Genuine Part Number Meritor AllFit Part Number Spicer® Part Number
1280, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 CB210088-1X GCB210088 1X 210088-1X
1280, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 CB210090-1X GCB210090 1X 210090-1X
1280, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 CB210367-1X GCB210370 1X 210367-1X
1280, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 CB210370-1X GCB210370 1X 210370-1X
1280, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 CB210881-1X GCB210881 1X 210881-1X
1280, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 CB211187X GCB211187X 211175X
131N CB210527X GCB210527X 210527X
135N, 141N, 148N CB210140-1X 210140-1X
135N, 141N, 148N CB210144 1X 210144 1X
135N, 141N, 148N CB210391-1X GCB210391 1X 210391-1X
135N, 141N, 148N CB210433-1X GCB210433 1X 210433-1X
135N, 141N, 148N CB210866-1X GCB210866 1X 210866-1X
135N, 141N, 148N CB210873-1X 210873-1X
135N, 141N, 148N CB211016X GCB211016X 211016X
141N, 148N, 155N, 1650, 16N CB210084-2X GCB210084 2X 210084-2X
155N, 16N CB210207-1X GCB210130 1X 210130-1X
155N, 16N CB210207-1X GCB210130 1X 210207-1X
17N, 58WB, 72N, 82N, 85WB CB310012 1XSA 210881-1X
176N, 17N (HD), 18N, 85WB, 92N CB210661-1XSA GCB210661 1X 210661-1X
176N, 17N (HD), 18N, 85WB, 92N CB210661-1XSA GCB210661 1X 5003323
176N, 17N (HD), 18N CB210875-1XSA GCB210875 1X 210875-1X
176N, 17N (HD), 18N CB210875-1XSA GCB210875 1X 5003326
176N, 17N (HD), 18N CB210121-1XSA GCB210121 1X 210121-1X

Spicer is a registered trademark of Dana Corporation
Meritor self-aligning center bearings should not be replaced with traditional center bearings due to possible angularity issues.

Meritor Genuine Self-Aligning Center Bearings

Driveline performance and durability depends on optimum alignment, which in turn relies upon the smooth performance of the center bearings. Meritor self-aligning center bearings provide optimum alignment of the center bearing to the driveline, for smooth, vibration-free performance under all operating conditions, resulting in extended operating life. They come standard on all XTended Lube MXL™ and Permalube™ RPL driveline assemblies.

They are engineered to accept +/- 5° of angularity, which provides a broad range of flexibility for many different driveline makes. That makes Meritor self-aligning center bearings the ideal fit for most popular heavy-duty truck and tractor applications.

Performance Advantages:

  • Improved balance specification reduces noise and vibration.
  • Reduced risk of premature bearing wear due to misalignment.
  • Common mounting platform on the crossmember or mounting bracket. No shimming or bracket changes are necessary to achieve desired alignment.
  • Unique design protects the bearings from contamination without the use of external deflectors.
  • Backward compatible with previous Meritor or current competitive designs.
  • Slotted mounting holes provide more compliance for assembly by allowing for truck build tolerances.
  • Patented Meritor design allows for three directions of bracket misalignment. For a comparison of the Meritor self-aligning center bearing vs. the competition, see the diagram below.
  • +/- 5° of vertical angularity, +/- 4° degrees of horizontal angularity and +/- 1/4” fore and aft allowed, thanks to rubber cushion pivots in the bracket.

Patented Meritor Design

Meritor Self-Aligning Center Bearing Specifications
Driveline Series Cushion
Height Mounting Holes
(Center To Center)
Competitive Part
Meritor Part Number
176N, 17N (Heavy Duty),
18N, 85WB, 92N
Slotted 2.36” 3.38” 8.62” 210661-1X CB210661-1XSA
17N, 58WB, 72N, 82N, 85WB 1.968” 2.81” 7.62” 210121-1X CB210121-1XSA
176N, 17N (Heavy Duty), 18N,
85WB, 92N
Solid 2.36” 3.38” 8.62” 210875-1X CB210875-1XSA
17N, 58WB, 72N, 82N, 85WB 1.968” 2.81” 7.62” 310012-1X CB310012-1XSA

Exceptional Support for Meritor
Self-Aligning Center Bearings

Meritor self-aligning center bearings come with Meritor’s total aftermarket support with one-call resolution for complete customer satisfaction, at 888-725-9355 in the United States and 800-387-3889 in Canada.

The Meritor driveline component warranty provides 2-Year coverage — twice the industry standard — for defective materials or workmanship when such parts are used on vehicles that meet the specifications approved by Meritor.

To check specs, cross-reference competitive part numbers and place your order, visit